New Saturday Video! Fused Glass 3-D Textures with Precut Glass Shapes & Powders


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Wait until you see these techniques! Since 2012, world renowned glass instructor Tanya Veit has periodically created some unbelievable glass fusing video classes, for free, for the art community. She is back with another and it is the popular consensus around here that this one is her best yet! There is no log in or registration to required to view this video. Just watch! Projects and Techniques include: • Designing with precut glass • Mixing and using EZ fire enamels • applying a color wash to your compositions- NEW TECHNIQUE! • creating texture with Bullseye powders • use of powders and blending colors • creating "splash" effects & flower pots • proper slumping for a curved mold All supplies can be found right on this page by selecting the supply tab or scrolling to the bottom of the page. As always, a lot of time, effort and waste of material goes into the creation of a Saturday video and we appreciate your support when purchasing supplies for this video. Thanks for watching!


Saturday Video • 3-D Textures in Fused Glass01:42:19

Saturday Video Full Version

Project 1 - Whale's Tale Holder00:54:34

Project 1 - Whale's Tale Holder

Project 2 - Bromeliad Plant Holder00:16:34

Project 2 - Bromeliad Plant Holder

Project 3 - Deep Ginko Bowl00:29:09

Project 3 - Deep Ginko Bowl

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