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Several Announcements from AAE Glass

We at AAE Glass have spent the past several months implementing a new website as well as new products. Both are going to allow us to serve the fused glass community better and open up doors for fused glass artists to learn even more from Tanya Veit.

AAE Glass is excited to announce that effective immediately, we will be distributing Spectrum and Uroboros for System 96. We have heard from so many fused glass artists that shared their wishes for us to carry System 96 products, that we couldn't hold off any longer. While we will continue to stock a full line of Bullseye Glass products, the addition of System 96 will allow Tanya to reach even more glass artists around the world. AAE Glass has built a solid reputation by not only offering great prices and the best customer service in the industry, but by supporting glass artists in their journeys to grow. We couldn't be more excited to be a part of the System 96 family.

You may have noticed some changes on the website recently. That is because we have partnered with an industry leading web developer to bring you a brand new, top of the line website. Gone are the days of shopping cart issues and temperamental browser issues. The new website is compatible with all devices and will even include video on demand in the coming weeks. Yes that is correct, video on demand! Why would we go to such lengths? Because Tanya has big plans to bring mass amounts of educational material and product videos directly into every glass fusers home or studio. If you haven't created an account on the new website, what are you waiting for?

For those visiting us in Cape Coral, Florida, the Bullseye retail store will remain the same. We are currently finishing up the System 96 location, but until that is complete, System 96 products can be purchased online for store pickup.

This has been a big undertaking and there are sure to be bugs that pop up from time to time. Please let us know about anything that doesn't look right while we work through this beta period.

Everyone at AAE Glass is excited for all of these changes for the better. We are here to assist you anyway we can.