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Our Story

Tanya Veit of AAE Glass LLC has been an artist since childhood. Many a day was spent with her Mother and Grandmother submerged in art projects of all kinds. Both mentors had careers as teachers and afforded Tanya every opportunity to experiment with several different mediums. Paint, PMC and Woodworking all preceded Tanya's current journey in fused glass art.

While working full time, Tanya kept her artistic pilot light alive with a small fused glass studio in the second bedroom of her condo just outside of Chicago. In order to fund her passion, Tanya sold her finished pieces both at art shows in Chicago, as well as online.

After several months of selling online and separating herself and her pieces from the competition, Tanya's hobby was turning into a small business right in front of her eyes. Tanya began to receive numerous requests from fellow glass artists about how she was achieving her techniques and where she was getting her products. Tanya had a decision to make.

Should she continue to grow the online retail glass jewelry business or sell supplies to a market of glass artists who have shown overwhelming interest? Tanya chose to do both.

Tanya and her Brother-in-Law Mark Veit both ditched their day jobs and focused on growing this budding business. What started as a small studio in a spare bedroom, has turned into a leader in fused glass instruction, as well as one of the top suppliers of fused glass materials.


Tanya Veit - Owner


Mark Veit - Vice President


John Veit - General Manager


Molly Veit - Assistant General Manager

The studio has since expanded several times to house the increasing demand for glass products and education. When the brick and mortar studio opened, Tanya's husband (Mark's brother) John Veit ditched his job as a Chef to join the family business full time, as did Mark's wife Molly. All of our eggs were in one basket. Through hard work and dedication the hard work paid off and we have since added several employees as needed.

The AAE Glass Art Studio hosts several workshops and classes each year. There are beginner classes that are taught for those who have never worked with fused glass, as well as 5 day intense workshops for professional fused glass artists. We have hosted glass artists from around the world and through fused glass art, we have met some interesting and giving people from across the globe.

Like the true rock star she is, Tanya's classes sell out within minutes and the waiting lists are long. Southwest Florida is a beautiful place to be during the winter months. The studio also hosts several popular glass art instructors from around the world throughout the year. Again, glass artists from around the world will travel to the AAE Glass Art Studio in Cape Coral, Florida to learn from the best.

Today, in 2015, we are releasing this brand new website and adding even more new products and inventory to our shelves. This has been the story of AAE Glass until now, stay tuned as the future unfolds and enjoy the ride with us.