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Paul Messink Master Class: Enamel Multi-Layered Panels - Part 2: Thick Panel Basics - Online Video Class - Watch Now

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Paul Messink
Master Class Part 2

Skill Level: Intermediate

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Guest Instructor: Paul Messink

TIme: 1 Hour & 56 Min.

Event: Online Video Class * Watch Now 24/7 * Never Expires


 Please read this entire description before purchasing!  This is part two of a three part series of this Master Class: Enamel Multi-Layered Panels.  The wait is over!  Part 1 of this series received rave reviews and now Paul is back continuing your education on creating thick panels using his signature technique.  Paul will walk you through creating 6 layer painted panels using contact paper, a brush & a palette knife.  ANYONE can do this.  His generosity with his information, tips and tricks will astound you.  This video class includes two full length project demos along with a break down (layer by layer) of how Paul created his famous Tividale Park & Light Rain pieces.  An extensive lecture and demo is also included on how to fuse thick panels while eliminating bubbles!  This has been his most guarded secret...til now.   Firing schedules are also discussed and Paul will include schedules for glass art pieces up to 12 layers thick!    Oh we forgot to mention the best part...NO EQUIPMENT IS NEEDED FOR Paul's technique!  Paul will show you how to fire the thick pieces so NO COLDWORKING is needed.  You do not need a saw, a lapwheel, a sandblaster...none of it!  After watching this session, you will be able to create your own thick panels using the basics and guidelines from Paul, along with tricks & tips  to produce quality and gallery worthy art glass.  

 *Part three is scheduled to be filmed in November and realeased in December.  This will include painting techniques to enhance your skills and create breath taking scenery. This class is yours and can be watched at any time and never expires.  The extensive PDF handouts (found in your PDF and e-book link in your dashboard after purchasing) includes firing schedules and two printable project guides to use while following along with Paul.

After completion of this 3 part Master Class, graduate to the type of stunning work that Paul is known for!  Paul will give you the skills to create your own thick enamel panels of beauty and depth without needing the skills of drawing or painting...ANYONE can create panels like these without being a fine art artist.  You just need someone to show you how.... *NOTE:  All supplies are listed on the bottom of this page.  The Glass Muller is Optional and not needed for the video.  This is for mixing large batches of enamel.

How It's Done:    Add this class to your cart and purchase as you would any other item.  Once purchased, go to "My Dashboard" on the left hand side of your dashboard, there is a "My Videos" link.  All PDF handouts may be downloaded into your computers and can be found on that same page under My PDFs and E-books." Select that and watch this online class as many times as you wish.  It never expires and it will always be there!  You may watch full screen by selecting the icon in the bottom right hand corner of the video screen.  Chapters have also been installed for you to reference key points throughout your class so you can jump right to the lesson you desire to watch.  You may also use your Education Coins earned on prior AAE Glass purchases (found in your account) to reduce the price of the class by using the slide bar on the product video page or if you have enough coins, do not pay a dollar!  You must be logged into your AAE account to purchase and watch your video.  Watch this instructional video HERE on how the Education Coin program works. *NO REFUNDS FOR ONLINE VIDEO CLASSES*


Video Chapters:

I. Where It All Began

II. Organizing a Thick Panel

III.  Project Demo: Matisse Thick Panel

IV. Eliminating Bubbles: A Lecture

V. Elimination Bubbles: A Demo

VI. Prepare for Firing

VII.  Firing Schedules

VIII. Dissecting the Layers

IX. Project Demo: Mountain Landscape


  1. Love love love review by Erika on 2/8/2018

    Paul I have learned so much about enamels in these 2 videos you are a stupendous teacher I am anxiously awaiting the final segment. You have taught not to fear the paint thank you . Thank you Tanya and John for these videos they area terrific learning tool

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