Peter McGrain Glass Painting Kit


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Painting Kit
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If you’ve ever wanted to try glass painting for yourself, this is the best way to get started. Our deluxe set is the only glass painting kit available which contains everything a beginning glass painter will need.  This kit is are the essential tools to complete all projects and techniques in Peter's DVDs.

Contains all the tools and supplies needed to create beautiful painted glass art of your own. Can be used for both traditional techniques and the amazing kiln-fired Vitri-Fusáille® process.

(Contains 2oz. ea: Tracing black, Bistre Brown, Umber Brown. (lead free) 1oz Gum Arabic, 3” Badger Blender brush, 2” applicator brush, #3 tracing brush, 4 assorted stippling brushes,glass eyedropper, pallet knife, storage box / carrying case, complete instructions.)