Rain Forest Leaf Glass Casting Mold


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Rain Forest Leaf Mold
Colour de Verre
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The Rain Forest Leaf design was inspired by the ti plant of the Hawaiian and other South Pacific islands. The cast Rain Forest Leaf is quite large measuring 8 x 4 in (20 x 10 cm), but it is just as simple to use as any of our smaller, embellishment molds. On the back of the mold is an integrated slumping surface that allows individual leaves to be shaped into perfect hors d'oeuvre and dessert plates. Or, if you prefer, use our Square Sushi Slumper or 7-10" Bowl Slump Form to create more dramatic pieces. Three, five, or more Rain Forest Leaves can be grouped, tacked together, and slumped to form spectacular, decorative platters. The mold itself is 9.75 x 6 x 1.5” (22.5 x 15 x 4cm). The fill weight is 120 to 130 grams.

The manufacturer suggests using ZYP Boron spray as a glass separator when using their products.