Big Mouth Pour Painting on Fused Glass Tutorial w/ Tanya Veit


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Kiln Size Needed:  Any

Equipment/Machinery Needed:  None

Project Made: 5

Tanya Veit shares her weeks of experimentation with you in the full length class. This is her take on Acrylic Paint Pouring using fusible Big Mouth Paints, exclusive to AAE Glass and magic oil. Using her very specific firing schedule, your results will be vibrant in color with a glossy finish.

Five projects are shared including how to mount these beauties on stainless steel panels. You can give color to those panels with a special coloring trick. Take a look, this is one of her best video tutorials yet. Firing Schedule (F): 300-800-30 (oil burnout) 300-1000-20 60-1255-60 600-1500-10 Full-900-90 100-700-30


How to Watch: This is a free glass fusing video tutorial featuring a full length project and may be watched 24/7, seven days a week. It does not expire. Please see supply list below. For your convenience,  you may add your chosen supplies to your shopping cart by selecting the items needed at the bottom of this page.   This video is 1 hour and 10 min. 



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