Tanya Veit Favorite Mega Dichroic Glass Pack • 90 COE


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• 90 COE
• MEGA Square Pack
• Thin Clear & Black Back
• 12 Piece Pack
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Twelve pieces of large clear and black backed 2" x 2" squares. These selections are what Tanya Veit considers the "staples" of dichroic that every jewelry artist should have in their inventory. This glass is amazing when etched or layered! Colors listed below. New and exciting CBS Dichroic packs with reusable vinyl bag with zipper! There are no "duds" here...these new specialty packs are hand selected with the most popular colors that Tanya Veit uses in all of her fused glass jewelry videos to date. All pieces are cut into 2" x 2" squares for ease of cutting while offering a nice range of color. These packs are shipped in an awesome vinyl zipper bag for you to keep all of your scraps in to keep your dichroic glass organized. The sturdy bag is 4"H x 6"L. Colors in this pack are listed below so you know exactly what you are receiving. No surprises: • 2" x 2" Black Sunset Blend • 2" x 2" Black Tropical Rays • 2" x 2" Black Cool Lava • 2" x 2" Black Reptilian • 2" x 2" Black Silver • 2" x 2" Black Rainbow 1 • 2" x 2" Black Rainbow 2 • 2" x 2" Clear Rainbow 1 • 2" x 2" Clear Rainbow 2 • 2" x 2" Clear Reptilian • 2" x 2" Clear Cool Lava • 2" x 2" Clear Silver