Inland Economical Diamond Grinding Bit - Fine 220G (1/4″)


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Diamond grinding head Fine 220G (1/4″)
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The diamond coating on your Inland diamond grinding head will never peel from the drum, or we’ll replace it for free for the life of the diamonds. You will never need to knock off the “bunchings” on an Inland bit—we don’t call them bunchings, we call them defects—and our quality control system eliminates them.

Key features

  • Use for drilling holes and for grinding and shaping
  • Can be stacked on a larger 3/4″ or 1″ diamond grinding head
  • Small diameter especially suited for grinding in tight curves and detail shaping
  • More usable diamond makes them longer lasting; the larger diameter affords faster grinding and more grinding surface
  • Brass cores are manufactured on Swiss precision machinery for consistent and accurate tolerances; look for the distinctive precision quality rings
  • Color banding for easy at-a-glance grit identification
  • All Inland diamond grinding heads are measured for trueness before any diamond is applied. This insures that every drum will spin properly on the motor shaft
  • Use wet for shaping all types of stone, glass, tile, and other mineral based materials for home and hobby projects
  • Use dry to sand, shape, and finish a variety of plastics and woods for home and hobby projects
  • Our bits fit all American and German-made glass grinders and some Chinese models as well


  • Fits 0.312″ (7.92 mm) arbor
  • Fine - 220 Grit
  • TIR <.0025″ (.0635 mm)
  • CDA 360 brass cores
  • 0.50″ (12.7 mm) high diamond surface
  • Also known as WB-8