Gemini Apollo Ring Saw Diamond Ring & Tile Saw


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Gemini Apollo Ring Saw
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Unique, patented saw with the best qualities of both band and radial saws.  The Apollo Ring Saw will cut through any hard material such as ceramic tile, natural stone, marble, granite, glass, acrylic & Plexiglass.

Blades assemblies sold separately.  The blade sits inside a cartridge assembly.  Please select your blade/cartridge assembly above.  

What blade/cartridge do I purchase?

1. Fine Double Side Blade & Cartridge: For intricate and radial curve cutting.  Cuts material up to 1" thick.  Can also be used for straight cuts.

2. Fine Rigid Blade & Cartridge:  For aggresive and repetitive straight cuts only, such as pattern bars.

3. Dichroic Wire Blade & Cartridge: This blade is ideal for cutting thin dichoric glass and iridescent coated glass, such as used in jewelry making, into intricate shapes. This blade  will not chip even the most delicate dichroic glass however, this should be used on 3mm glass only and not thick fused glass.

Cuts a radius, curve or straight line!

  • The new Apollo ring saw is three saws in one: tile, glass and scientific!
  • The Ring Blade (sold separately) has no center giving you the ability to cut intricate designs and tight radius cuts as small as 1/2"
  • Slice materials over 3" with the precision of a scientific saw.
  • It delivers ten times the torque of a standard tile saw.
  • Blade changes are easily performed with the introduction of removable blade cartridges.
  • Wire ring cartridge firmly houses a standard Taurus 3 ring blade with maximum exposure, to be driven faster and harder than ever before.
  • Two year manufacturer warranty
What's Included?
  • Apollo Ring Saw
  • Slide Tray
  • Magnetic Angle Brackets
  • Keel
  • 2 Sets of Felt Pads (One already attached to saw)
  • 4 Debris Shields
  • Operator's manual

Apollo Ring Saw Specifications
Power 1/3 hp
Voltage 120V
Length of Cut Unlimited
Diagonal Cut Length 16 in
RPM 3,500
Blade Capacity 4 in(min), 6 in(max)
Depth of Cut 3 in
Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 11 in x 20 in x 21 in

Gemini Ring Saw FAQ

Q: Where is the water pump?

A: There is no pump with a ring saw. Because the belt that drives the blade also picks up and delivers water to the cut, there is no need for one.

Q: What is a Ring Saw?

A: A Ring Saw is a unique, patented saw, combining the best qualities of a band saw and radial saw.

Q: What does the Ring Saw cut?

A: The Ring Saw will cut any hard material including stone, granite, marble, glass, shell, non ferrous metals, acrylic, and plexiglass.

Q: How can diamond blades cut hard materials but do not cut skin?

A: Skin bounces off of the diamond's riding over the bumps, but hard materials can not bounce so they get cut.

Q: What is the difference between a Ring Saw and a band saw?

A: Ring Saw's spin in a perfect circle and cut in all directions. Band saws travel in an ellipse, can cut basically forward like a polliwog travels.

Q: Do I have to use water with my Ring Saw?

A: Always use water.

Q: When should I replace my wear parts?

A: The average life of the drive belt is two to three blades.

The ring blades are very similar to the solid blades you will find on most wet saws. The difference is that our blades have no center, giving you the ability to not only cut straight lines but also make tight radius cuts. Because we run our blades at a much slower R.P.M. than the average wet saw but with far more torque, they give the user a much higher quality cut with far less chipping and in some cases superior blade life.