Slide Tray Kit For Revolution XT Saw


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Slide Tray Option
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THIS ITEM IS DROP SHIPPED DIRECTLY FROM THE MANUFACTURER. PLEASE ALLOW 2-3 WEEKS FOR DELIVERY. Product is not eligible for free shipping. Shipping charges will be collected once the item has shipped. For making straight cuts with the Revolution XT The slide tray comes with a double sided rule incremental in 1/16" on both sides of the blade. Exact measurements are set taking into account the blade kerf, so that there's no calculating necessary to make any size cut. Exact square cuts can be instantly achieved regardless of the operator, material, or speed of the cutting action by the loosening and tightening of just 2 screws. This high quality tool makes precision cutting possible. Powerful magnetic stops that also aid in making 45 degree cuts both on and off center. Stand them upright and they produce perfect 45 degree edges, blunt or sharp as desired All shapes are possible, allowing the user to make perfectly straight cuts. Slice off as little as 1/8” without blade wander.