Brushed Stainless Steel Wall Mount Glass Display 11" X 16"


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Stainless Steel Glass Wall Mount 11" X 16"
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Size: 11" X 16"

High quality stainless steel wall mount. Brushed stainless steel design.  
Gives the effect of floating on the wall with hidden welded cleat style brackets for strength. Each panel has welded brackets on the back for hanging using a traditional style picture frame hook as shown. Glass is mounted to the stainless steel plate with silicone adhesive or hooks (not included) depending on the weight of the glass. Comes with complete  easy to follow instructions.

Note: Wall plates are sent unfinished and have a welded bracket for hanging on the back. Wall Plates may have machine and welding marks on the back caused by the manufacturing process. These marks cannot be avoided but cannot be seen when hung.  However, they can be covered by painting the backs or may be left as is.