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Modeling Glass Starter Kit by Glass Bird Studios



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Downloadable PDF product sheet can be found HERE.  Modeling Glass is a new product that has been in development for several years at Glass Bird Studios. It's a unique two-part kit consisting of a powdered binder and liquid medium that artists combine with water and their own powdered glass or frit. The resulting material has the consistency of clay, is smooth and easy to work with. It won't stick to your hands or tools. The binder and liquid medium are food-grade and non-toxic. You can work with Modeling Glass in many of the same ways you would work with clay: roll into coils, roll into a flat sheet and cut out shapes, or press into silicone molds. Modeling Glass holds its shape without freezing. When fired to tack-fuse temperatures it will hold an amazing amount of textural detail. It can be thinned with water and used to create beautiful palette-knife textures. Combine colors to make your own blends. Before firing, dry Modeling Glass shapes can be sanded, carved, and otherwise modified, virtually eliminating the need for extensive cold working after firing. During firing, the binder and medium will burn away, and do not affect the compatibility of the glass. It can be used with either COE 90 or 96 glass, and at full-fuse temperatures, colors remain true. Each kit makes over 3 pounds of Modeling Glass and comes with complete instructions for mixing, use, storage, and a suggested basic firing schedule. Modeling Glass is easy to use and gives artists a whole new way to work with hand-sculpted shapes!


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  1. Excellent product review by Glass Bird Modeling Glass on 1/9/2019

    Anything you can "mold" or "design" with clay, you can use this stuff for...and the fired product is bright and clear. Love this stuff for those things you just want but don't know how to make!

  2. A great product review by Yvonne. (Jo) on 9/10/2018

    Talking to other people who have used this we all said the same thing, some needed a little more fluids, some needed a little more moisture, but that is an easy fix.
    I made my cabs usin Bullseye powders in French Vanila and Light Cyan.
    After I had mixed everything together I rolled out some small cabs and set them aside to dry.
    I remembered them the other day and put them in on a fire polish schedule, I felt they needed a little more, so I put them through the same cycle.
    They came out amazing.

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