Maxi Adjustabail Kit • Glass & Wall Art Easy Art Display System


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• Maxi Adjustabail
• Holds up to 44 pounds
• Measures 7 1/2" W x 2 7/8" H
• Easy to handle
• Discreet
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Adjustabail Maxi is a cleverly designed slug and bracket combination for panels up to 44 lbs. in weight. Includes slug and bracket.  If you sell or gift your work, the artist can supply their glass art work with the slug already bonded in place (see adhesive guidance below) and give the bracket and hardware to the customer making it easy for them to display. Here is what is fantastic about this system, even if the bracket has not been fixed to the wall quite level, your panel can still be hung perfectly due to adjustable slug! Easy.  Adjustable.  Discreet.

Finally.  A display system for your glass and wall art that caters to all skill levels.  No matter your wall art mounting experience, this system is for you. All you need is your adhesive.  See suggested adhesives below. Full instructions included on packaging.

We have extensively tested adhesives to be used with this system. We strongly suggest that if you choose not to use the adhesive mentioned, that you test thoroughly.

Important Adhesive Information:

Please use the suggested adhesives ONLY with your Adjustabail display system.  A picture of these adhesives has been provided in the image gallery.  These can all be readily found on Amazon.  The following adhesives have been tested thoroughly by the manufacturer:

• V-Tech Clear Silicone Adhesive 

• Granville GV0373 Silicone Sealant

• Loctite E-05CL Epoxy Adhesive

• E6000 Plus *Note: Do NOT use the "regular" E6000 in the silver tube.  You must use the newly formulated version E6000 Plus.  See picture for your reference.

NOTE: Please take note of all weight limits for each system.  

How Do I Know Which to Buy for My Glass?

Imperial weights

A 6mm thick glass panel weighs approximately 0.4oz per square inch. Example: A 12″ x 16″ panel would weigh 12 x 16 x 0.4 = 76.8oz = 4.8 pounds. You would use a Midi Adjustabail for this panel.

Metric weights

A 6mm thick glass panel weighs approximately 1.75 grams per square centimetre. Example: A 30cm x 40cm panel would weigh 30 x 40 x 1.75 = 2100gm = 2.1kg. You would use a Midi Adjustabail for this panel.