19mm Diamond Core Drill Bit for Donut Pendants


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Diamond core drill bit for fused glass.
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One 19mm (very close to 3/4 inch) diamond coated hole saw / drill bits. The size is 19mm outside diameter and 8mm shank, can drill up to 35mm depth. These are the very same diamond core drill bits Tanya uses when demonstrating how to drill donut holes in fused glass. AAE Glass carries several different sizes. These are quality diamond bits and we have used these same bits for years. A free video is available in the Education-Video section of our website. These drill bits are to be used in conjunction with a drill press, rotary tool or hand drill. Suitable for the use in drill hole on glass, marble, tile or granite. Please add water when drilling. 1" = to 25.4mm. So, 3/4 inch is equal to 19.05mm.