The Fundamentals of Coldworking & Finishing Glass w/ Nathan Sandberg- Online Video Class - Watch Now

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Nathan Sandberg

Nathan Sandberg


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Artist and educator, Nathan Sandberg is based in Portland, Oregon. After working in the Research & Education department at Bullseye Glass company for 8 years he started Nathans LLC in 2012 and has established himself as one of the top kiln-glass educators teaching today. From Santa Fe to Zurich and Australia to Norway, Nathan is usually somewhere on the planet presenting fresh, innovative curriculum at a wide range of studios, schools and art centers.He is widely credited as the pioneer of the modern Vitrigraph methods which he began to develop at the Bullseye Factory in 2009 and has since taken to unprecedented levels of control. In 2015 Nathans LLC moved out of the basement and into a proper studio space in the Kenton neighborhood of North Portland. Today, Nathan uses OnGrade Studio as his home base and can be found there relentlessly producing work for exhibitions and developing new curriculum to teach whenever he isn't on the road. His primary material is glass although his installations commonly make use of other materials such as wood, metal and concrete. And his artwork can be found in private and public collections around the world.


Kiln Size Needed:  Any

  This video is some of the richest content we have seen to date on the subject of coldworking & finishing your fused glass.  If you are a beginner to intermediate glass artist or just want to bring your glass work to a "gallery quality" level, this video is for you.  Nathan demonstrates coldworking using a lap wheel, saw, sandblaster and hand-lapping with silicone carbide grit.  His extensive lecture on using the heat of your kiln to achieve a matte, satin or glossy finish makes this video worth purchasing alone.  This video is for anyone who is a glass enthusiast who owns cold working equipment, is thinking about purchasing equipment or who just wants to learn  to start finishing your glass and bring your work to a beautiful level of sophistication.  We cannot say enough great things about this video class.  Topics that Nathan will cover include:

  • explaining volume and firing considerations based on your glass thickness
  • using fiber paper to control edges
  • getting rid of the dreaded divitrification (with & without a sandblaster)
  • using a wet diamond tile saw
  • using a lap wheel & the various discs.  Tips on proper technique, beveling, edges, corners & polishing glass with cerium oxide
  • the art of firepolishing
  • controlling the look of your glass with heatwork
  • matte, satin & glossy to achieve
  • removing shelf or paper texture with silicone carbide
  • hand-lapping with silicon carbide


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Fundamentals of Coldworking & Finishing Glass w/ Nathan Sandberg - Full Version02:10:14

This video can be watched in your library by full version or chapter selection. Handouts and firing schedules can be downloaded and found in your library next to the "watch now" button.

1. Introduction00:07:01

2. Fusing Considerations00:15:03

3. Divitrification00:11:09

4. Sandblasting00:02:25

5. Tile Saw - Edge Trimming00:11:11

6. The Lap Wheel00:17:51

7. Diamond Hand Pads00:06:08

8. Lap Wheel - Part 200:10:45

9. Polishing Glass w/ Cerium Oxide00:12:54

10. The Fire Polishing Guru00:07:50

11. Hand Lapping - Removal of Shelf Texture00:22:40

12. Clean Shield Application00:05:06

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