The Mermaid 18k Gold Cloisonné Transfer Decals


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Gold Transfer
3" x 3"W
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High quality transfers are created through a screen printed process and not digitally printed.  18k Gold decal transfer is featured in Tanya Veit's new technique, Cloissoné in Glass.  Full free instructional video available HERE on 2/28..  Can be used as a gold decal or used in conjunction with EZ fire enamels, as shown in the video.  Transfer is fired on black glass but can fired on any Bullseye, System 96 or float glass.  Can also be used in ceramics.  Soak transfer-decal in distilled water until it releases from the backing.  Apply to substrate.  Wipe excess water with paper towel to smooth out bubbles.  Let dry 6 hours.  Bright gold results achieved from 1250F to 1350F, for an antique gold look, fire to 1400F to 1425F.  Do not full fuse decals, it will distort image and fade the gold.  Decals can be used in fire polish, slump, tack and contour fused with excellent results.  Prices are based on amount of gold in the design.

• Size: 3"H x 3"W at widest point

• Engraving Skill Level: Advanced