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Toyo Custom Grip Glass Supercutter Straight Head



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Toyo Glass Cutter



You are purchasing the Pattern Head Model. The TOYO Custom-grip Supercutter is a revolutionary tool.  Featuring a four-position customizable handle to fit most any size hand and TOYO’s patented TAP Wheel™ this is a “Best of All Worlds” tool.  The handle has an ergonomic saddle which comfortably rests in the palm of your hand allowing the strength of your arm to apply the necessary pressure for a clean score.  TAP Wheel™ Technology ensures the deepest score possible with the least amount of effort and the pencil style barrel provides a versatile grip for both intricate pattern and straight line cutting.

  • Pattern Head – TC-21PVR
  • Straight Head – TC-21SVR

Wheel Hone Angle: 140º

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