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Unique Glass Colors Glass Separator Pint


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Short Description:
Glass Separator by UGC

Skill Level: No


Unique Glass Colors Glass Separator does not have to be removed after or re-applied before each firing. Touch ups may be needed if a chip occurs over time and will need to be re-applied for maintenance. 

Unique Glass Separator is essentially high fire kiln wash that has been milled a second time, making it easier to apply smooth coats and comes in liquid form. The Glass Separator prevents glass from sticking to molds and kiln shelves. It can also be used to keep pre-drilled holes in your glass open during firing. Simply fill the hole with the thicker separator that is within the lid, allow it to dry, and after firing it will pop right out of the hole. 

*Note that we always dust our shelves and molds with a light coating of FREE before each firing. While this is not absolutely necessary, it does make it easier. The Glass Separator keeps the glass from sticking and the FREE allows it to move "freely" on the surface of the shelf or mold. 

*Directions for Use: Brush on 3 or more smooth coats, in alternating directions allowing to dry between coats, to glass saggers/drapes or kiln shelves. The sureface needs to be either brand new with no other kiln wash product applied to them or that have had the previous kiln wash product product removed completely. This is to prevent your glass from sticking during firings. Once your mold/kiln shelves have air dried, fire in kiln between 700 to 800 degrees to fire out any residual moisture that may of been left behind. The Glass Separator can also be air-brushed on. 

This info also applies to stainless steel molds. *Note that on stainless steel molds - warm up the mold with a heat gun or in the oven prior to applying the Glass Separator. This will allow the Glass Separator to adhere right away to the surface. We find it best to pre-fire the stainless steel before adding the Glass Separator. 

EXTRA: You can also use it to apply a pattern of your choice over a brushed coat of the Glass Separator using a squeeze bottle on molds or kiln shelves for a texture design on glass. Can also be used as regular kiln wash. (Non-Toxic) 

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