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Video Tutorial: Exploring Pate de Verre w/ Alicia Lomne

  • Exploring Pate de Verre in Fused Glass with Alicia Lomne Video Trailer Exploring Pate de Verre in Fused Glass with Alicia Lomne Video Trailer
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Skill Level: Intermediate



Running Time: 3 Hours 30 min. • Watch by chapter

Skill Level: Intermediate - Advanced

Coldworking Equipment Needed: Standard Grinder - Dremel

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This video will take you through the steps of creating a piece from beginning to end using my favorite firing technique in Pate de Verre! I use several different techniques/firing schedules but this one is by far my favorite allowing me to get the unique shapes that I love most.  Using a combination of Sand and Talc, you will learn how to create a “soft core” inside your mold which helps to support and hold the glass in place against the mold surface. Using this technique, you can get taller, rounder, more unusual shapes that you simply cannot get using any other firing in pate de verre.
      I will go through the steps of model making with standard pottery clay and then pouring a thin mold.
I will walk you through the steps of using Bullseye glass powders to create a design and beautiful color gradations on the surface of your piece. You will learn step by step how to create the soft core and then how to properly load the piece in the kiln to ensure a good firing. This video also comes with an ample set of notes (20 pages) which cover each section of the video step by step with plenty of helpful tips including, a firing schedule, complete supply list which includes inexpensive common holdhouse supplies and descriptions of what is happening in each section of the firing. Stock up on your favorite glass powder colors from AAE Glass!
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