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Wardell Circle-Square Adjustable Drop-through Mold

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Wardell Fusing Mold



Drop-Thru Mold System Process Overview

Cast a glass disk in the C100 Foot Mold then create a two layer flat design disk. Place the DT301 Tripod Base into your kiln, set the cast glass foot disk into the centering cup, then position the DT310 Circle-Square Drop-Thru Ring on the Tripod base by choosing one of the 3 available height options (see images above).

Place your flat fused design disk on the Drop-Thru Ring and set your controller to the Drop Forming Schedule included in the instruction booklet. The kiln will reach drop temperature in approximately 4 hours, allow the glass to soak for 20 minutes then open the peep hole (or open the kiln) to look for the drop. Stay close and monitor the glass-drop progress, as soon as it touches the cast glass foot, advance the kiln controller to initiate the cool down segment. Then allow the controller to complete the rest of the firing schedule. The next day open the kiln to admire your masterpiece.

Note: Kiln chamber must be minimum 13” diameter by 6” deep.

Three Different Height Positions

Turn the mold ring 1/3 of a revolution to change the height for 3 different vase dimensions: 5” (13cm), 4-3/8” (11cm) & 3-3/4” (9.5cm).

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  1. love it~! review by Clarann on 4/2/2017

    Just received this and was ready to test same day....I love this mold! worked perfectly....I followed the directions exactly but as typical had to tweak the slump temp up higher according to my kiln slumping temps. my first attempt was amazing! Highly recommend this mold!

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