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Wardell Starfire & Stem Foot Casting & Slumping Mold

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Wardell Fusing Mold



The ‘Starfire Bowl with Stem Foot’ process is simple:

1. Create a 10” to 12” (25 to 31 cm) diameter flat-disk design then fuse it to your desired fusing level.

2. Cast a 3-1/4” (85 mm) x 1/4” (6 mm) glass disk in the C105 Foot Casting Mold using 90 grams of leftover scrap glass pieces from your project.

3. Stack one set of F500 Foot Rings to create the ‘V’ shaped cone assembly. These precision cut, reinforced rings will retain their thickness and shape throughout the drape firing process.

4. Place your pre-fused flat-disk on the M35 Starfire mold, then center the Foot Ring cone assembly and stack the Cast Foot disk on top of the cone.

5. Set the kiln controller to the recommended drape fire schedule (included in the 12 page Instruction Booklet) to shape the bowl, create the stemmed foot profile and fuse the foot - all in the same firing.

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