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  • Trailer-Tibetan Mandalas in Glass with Warren Norgaard Trailer-Tibetan Mandalas in Glass with Warren Norgaard

Warren Norgaard - Tibetan Mandalas in Glass Online Video Tutorial

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Skill Level: Intermediate

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Instructor: Warren Norgaard

Running Time: 1 hour 16 minutes

Another amazing online video class brought to you by AAE & Warren Norgaard.  Using glass powders, Warren will guide you step by step through the ancient process, developed by Tibetan Monks, of creating "sand" mandalas in glass.   No cutting required for this fun & relaxing technique and all levels of glass artists are invited!  This technique will yield incredible results every time.  Warren will take you through the process using a traditional tool called the "Chak-pur" and additionaly, will demonstrate a more conventionalized tool, called the Powder Pro Plus (P3) to assist in your creations.  Designing your own mandala will be discussed but Warren has included SIX mandala patterns to get you started (included in your PDF handouts) for those who want to jump right in.  Even if mandalas are not your cup of tea, the process can be applied to any design and Warren will show you to create that design easily.  

In other chapters, applying variegated leafing to the back of your glass artwork will be demonstrated along with a beautiful way to mount those pieces onto air brushed aluminum panels.  These techniques can be executed on any of your glass work and are essential to your learning library.  This video is easy to follow and packed with information.  Available 24/7 and is yours forever to access.

PRIVATE STUDENT FACEBOOK group is available to students who have purchased this class.  Share ideas with your peers and Warren himself will be there to answer questions.   Please request access here:

How Do I Watch?   Add this class to your cart and purchase as you would any other item.  Once purchased, go to "My Account" located at the top right of the website.  Click on My Account and it will take you to your dashboard.  There is a "My Videos" link on your dashboard  to the left or you may access the link from your e-mail confirmation for your order.  All PDF handouts may be downloaded into your computers and can be found on that same page under My PDFs and E-books." Select that and watch this online class as many times as you wish.  It never expires and it will always be there!  You may watch full screen by selecting the icon in the bottom right hand corner of the video screen.  Chapters have also been installed for you to reference key points throughout your class so you can jump right to the lesson you desire to watch.  You may also use your Education Coins earned on prior AAE Glass purchases (found in your account) to reduce the price of the class by using the slide bar on the product video page or if you have enough coins, do not pay a dollar!  You must be logged into your AAE account to purchase and watch your video.  Watch this instructional video HERE on how the Education Coin program works. There are NO REFUNDS for online video classes. 

Chakpur P3 Power Powder Tool (Optional)

  1. THIS IS AN AWESOME VIDEO!!! review by Tyrone Powell on 9/20/2018

    Sooooo very artistic!!! I have bought all the tools used in this video!!! I can not wait to try this!!! Thanks Warren for sharing this AWESOME technique!!!

  2. Meditation in action review by Karen Melody Shatar on 9/19/2018

    Having watched Tibetan monks make sand mandalas, I always wanted to do this. I have now incorporated this method into my meditation practice as it is so beautiful, soothing and meditative while I'm doing it. The end result draws the eye inward as I am making more complicated designs. It's not one of the fast processes that can be completed in a few hours, but is dramatic when finished.

  3. Great tutorial for "getting zen" with your glass! review by Jacqueline Bowyer on 9/19/2018

    Great tutorial and the price can't be beat. It's like having private instruction in your very own home! I especially enjoy using the chakpur when doing this process since it slows me down and gets me into a calming rhythm while working with the frit. I've made some cute whimsical characters as well as mandalas to hang on the wall. Thanks Warren and AAE Glass!

  4. This video solved a couple of issues of mine having nothing to do with mandalas! review by Shannon on 3/8/2018

    I live in a state in the middle of the country that has no fused glass education center or community. I've been to two classes in 20 years (because of my very busy day job... can't wait until I retire and then I'll be Florida bound for on-site classes at AAE!) so I figure out how to do many things on my own but I have some gaps in my knowledge base. On-line classes like these help me to fill in those gaps. I may not do a mandala (though it does admittedly look like fun) but within the very first segment, I jumped up excitedly and shouted 'Oh! That's how it's done!!' (my dogs were not impressed). There were other 'Oh!' moments throughout the course. Worth every penny.

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